A local project in the Limestone Coast is among 40 water infrastructure projects nationwide which will share in $108 million in federal funding under the National Water Grid Connections funding pathway.

Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin said the Government was pleased to support projects that will improve the resilience and reliability of water infrastructure, delivering stronger water security outcomes.

“The Regional Recharge Farms project has received Federal Government funding of $400,000 through the National Water Grid Connections Pathway Program.” Mr Pasin said.

“The Regional Recharge Farms project will create groundwater recharge areas, where water is held, allowing it to recharge the aquifer and groundwater supply. This includes backfilling of internal artificial drains and regulation of artificial drainage outlets,” said Mr Pasin.

“This project will prevent the need to reduce water allocations for primary production, increasing the security and reliability in the Lower Limestone Coast. It will also trial delivery of recycled waste water from Finger Point Treatment plant as an alternative water source for Middle Point Swamp,” said Mr Pasin.

“The $3.5 billion National Water Grid Fund is paving the way to national water security, while promoting local economic activity and job creation along the way.”

“This funding will also generate employment outcomes both during construction and post completion and drive short term economic stimulus as we continue to navigate the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic,” Mr Pasin said.

The Regional Recharge Farms project is a joint project between the Federal Government ($400,000), the SA Landscape Priorities Fund ($300,000) and the Limestone Coast Landscape Board Council ($100,000).

For further information, visit www.nationalwatergrid.gov.au.