Minister for Energy Angus Taylor MP has joined local Member for Barker Tony Pasin in the Riverland today to discuss Labor’s proposed energy tax and its impact on the region’s irrigators.

Labor’s plan to halve carbon emissions by 2030, will increase the cost of electricity, gas, fuel and new cars.

“Higher energy prices will mean higher costs for irrigators. If the Riverland’s irrigation trusts don’t have access to affordable energy, irrigators won’t have access to affordable water,” Mr Pasin said.

“I am committed to standing up for jobs and our river communities which is why I am committed to opposing economy wrecking taxes which will have a devastating effect on business and jobs here in Barker, including our irrigation industry,” Mr Pasin said.

Minister Taylor joined Mr Pasin and irrigators in Renmark to hear directly from the key industry representatives about the importance of keeping energy costs down.

“The independent Fisher Report shows that energy reliant industries in Barker will be worse off if Labor introduces its Energy Tax,” said the Minister.

“Crippling industries with a huge increase in energy costs will make balancing the books each month extremely hard.”

The report explains that Labor’s energy tax will increase wholesale electricity prices by 58%, which will have a direct impact on competitiveness and profitability of every small business.

Only the Morrison Government has a sensible plan to reduce emissions at the lowest cost to the economy whilst also supporting jobs and investment in business and industry.

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