Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:34): It must be infectious, because I too rise today to raise my voice for the inaugural National Local Day. Today, 23 March, marks one year since what many would describe as the darkest day in history for the Australian hospitality industry. It was on 23 March last year that, for the first time in our history, pubs and clubs had to close their doors to their communities. Their actions saved lives and gave our nation time to prepare for the incoming pandemic. I want to take this opportunity to thank publicans and staff for their sacrifice. Although the government assisted them, their losses continue to resonate. Our pubs and clubs have done their bit. It is now up to us to get our world-class venues back on their feet. Whether you’re ordering a meal with friends or family, having a midweek knock-off drink or going through the bottle shop, I encourage everyone to get behind their local. These businesses support our community sporting clubs. They are where we celebrate cherished occasions and are often the meeting place for communities to come together. I am sure few would disagree with me about the importance of our hospitality venues. I implore everyone to do their bit to support these local venues. While you’re there, have some fun. We deserve it.