Dear Editor,


Australia Day is an important opportunity to celebrate our success as a nation.


Our history, like that of all nations, is complex. Whilst not losing sight of that complexity we can, and indeed should, celebrate the fact that in shaping a nation that is the envy of the world, we have together overcome, over generations, significant challenges and adversity.


Australia is a vibrant, thriving country that punches well above its weight globally because we have successfully blended our Indigenous heritage with our British inheritance and the cultures of those from the four corners of the earth that have come to call Australia home.

Australia Day is a time for all of us to pause, acknowledge our history and celebrate how lucky we are to be Australian.


I’m sick and tired of people running our nation down. I’m proud to be Australian and I’m also proud of the Australian flag and what it represents.


I hope like me the flag makes you feel a sense of gratitude for Australia, and a sense of responsibility to defend it and protect the nation it represents.


To support our flag and show pride in our nation, I have produced the ‘Together Under One Flag’ bumper sticker, which is available free to all residents in Barker. Contact my electorate office on 0887247730 or send an email to request your bumper sticker and join me in celebrating pride in Australia.


Happy Australia Day!


Tony Pasin MP

Federal Member for Barker



Media Contact: Charlotte Edmunds | 8724 7730