Dear Editor,

The Liberal team has turned around Australia’s economy.

Because of this, and by working together, I have been able to get results for communities across Barker.

While there are challenges ahead, Australia’s economy is strong and it’s in good hands.

With a stronger economy I can continue to deliver for our region.

Now is not the time to turn back.

A stronger economy means we can deliver more jobs, maintain budget surpluses and pay down Labor’s debt, deliver tax relief for families and small businesses, guarantee increased investments for schools, hospitals and roads and keep our communities safe and our borders secure.

This translates into better employment options, better regional education and skills training, better access to health services locally, and much needed road and telecommunication infrastructure upgrades that will connect our regions. 

We understand that rural and regional Australia is at the core of Australia’s economy and identity.

Bill Shorten poses the greatest risk to Australia’s prosperity in a generation. 

If elected, Bill Shorten will lead the highest taxing government in the nation’s history with his plan to hit the economy with $387 billion in new taxes over the decade.

A weaker economy would put at risk the ability to fund essential services, like schools and hospitals, our roads and communications.

That’s why there is a lot at stake at this election.

Tony Pasin MP

Member for Barker