Dear Editor,


I might be biased but I think the Riverland is Australia’s premier horticultural district.


Riverland producers contribute disproportionally to Australia’s agricultural output and will be key if we are to achieve the Australian Government’s target to grow Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030.


But I’m sad to say the Riverland’s citrus producers have been dealt a cruel blow in recent weeks.


At the most recent meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation the Forum rejected the proposal to assign a four-star health rating to 100% Australian fruit juice.


In allocating a two-star rating to Australian fruit juice, the Ministerial Forum has ranked Aussie juice lower than diet soft drink, meaning that the Forum has determined that diet soft drink is a healthier option.


This is Madness.


At a time when only 5% of Australians get their daily recommended serve of fruit or vegetables, this decision makes a mockery of the nutritional value of fresh fruit juice.


Both the Coalition Federal Government and the South Australian Liberal Government have been outspoken in our condemnation of this decision, and it must be overturned.


Tony Pasin MP

Federal Member for Barker