I have always endeavoured to work hard and represent the people of Barker to the very best of my ability.

Every decision I make in Canberra is with my constituent’s front of mind.

At this point my main concern is that the Party Room needs to meet and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

No one enjoys leadership spills, particularly when they take place within the Party of Government. While I can’t control when, or indeed if leadership spills take place, if a vote is to take place, it is my belief Mr Dutton is the individual I am best placed to work with in the interests of the people of Barker.

I want to remind the people of Barker that no matter who the leader of the Liberal Party is, I will always fight for what matters to my  constituents, as I have done constantly – lower electricity prices, more jobs, improved roads and better telecommunications – and always put Barker first.