Member for Barker Tony Pasin is supporting community groups across Barker to help them increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

Mr Pasin said energy bills are often one of the biggest overheads for not-for-profit organisations.

“By helping to reduce power bills, the grants will ease the financial pressure organisations face so they can better focus on meeting the needs of our local community,” Mr Pasin said.

“I recognise the great work that many community groups across Barker do and know that many have done it tough during COVID19. This program will help them to do what they do best, which is serve and support the community,” Mr Pasin said.

Blanchetown District Hall received a grant of $8,650 to install solar panels on the roof of the Hall through the Powering Communities Program.

“Groups like Blanchetown District Hall are the lifeblood of our community. The more they can save on running costs, means they will be able to extend their fundraising.” Mr Pasin said.

Blanchetown District Hall Chairperson Alan Reynolds said having solar panels installed will allow us to the Hall to meet their power needs.

“The Blanchetown District Hall belongs to Blanchetown and it relies on the community to run and maintain, therefore reducing our power bills will ease the need to do a lot of fundraising.” Mr Reynolds said.

“We would like to thank Tony Pasin for assisting us in our endeavors to win this grant, after several years of trying, we were finally successful.” Mr Reynolds said.

“In my role as the Member for Barker I have seen the impact volunteering makes in communities throughout the electorate and I’m hopeful this grant together with others like it will go some way to making volunteering easier for the thousands of volunteers who regularly volunteer their time selflessly for the benefit of others.” Mr Pasin said.