Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP has today announced that Our Coorong | Our Coast project is funded for five years through the Federal Government’s National Landcare Program. The project has attracted more than $3.25 million to improve the fragile ecosystems in the Coorong and Limestone Coast.

Delivered by the South East Natural Resources Management Board, in partnership with Friends of Shorebirds SE and Birdlife Australia, the Our Coorong | Our Coast project recognises the importance of coastal habitats for many species, notably migratory shorebirds and resident beach nesting birds.

The project will be developing a number of action plans including plans for internationally significant migratory shorebird sites (Birdlife Australia), revegetation plans with on ground actions to buffer the Coorong Ramsar site and provide threatened species habitat along the Limestone Coast, Monitoring of the coastal saltmarsh and freshwater soaks of the Coorong, review cat control programs which will include reviewing current methods and options for more effective control, and a fire program for controlling invasive shrubs in sedge lands in the Southern Coorong.

On the ground activity will include implementing a weed control program across 20,000 ha of the Coorong and 15,000 ha of the Limestone Coast (including aerial boxthorn control), implement a fox control program across 60,000 ha to protect Hooded Plover and Malleefowl from predation (and this will be both aerial and ground based), Undertake a herbivore threat abatement program in the Coorong to protect Temperate Coastal Saltmarsh, freshwater soaks, Malleefowl habitat and the ecological character of the site.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin said the project will engage with the community to understand what they value about the Coorong, what they see as the threats and work with the community to support improving stewardship of the Coorong and maintain its Ramsar values for future generations.

“Our Government is investing around $1 billion in the next phase of the National Landcare Program, and will work in partnership with State and local governments, industry, communities and individuals to protect and conserve Australia’s water, soil, plants, animals and ecosystems, as well as support the productive and sustainable use of these valuable resources,” said Mr Pasin.

“Our Coorong, Our Coast is an exciting project and one which will have far reaching implications towards improving our understanding of the Coorong and Limestone Coast coastal systems and engaging with the community to improve the stewardship of the Coorong and maintain its Ramsar values for future generations.”

Contact: Charlotte Edmunds  8531 2466