The Government is rejecting recommended changes to the Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card, providing veterans
and their families in Barker with clarity and assurance for the future of their benefits.
Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin said the proposed changes to the Gold Card, recommended in the
Productivity Commission report, A Better Way to Support Veterans, did not fully support the health and
wellbeing of veterans and their families, which was a key focus of the Government’s agenda.
Mr Pasin said, Barker’s veteran community can rest assured that the Government was committed to their
health and wellbeing.
“Barker has a proud history of military service and today’s announcement will benefit not just our current
veteran community, but generations of veterans into the future,” Mr Pasin said.
“In coming to this decision, the Government consulted extensively with the veteran community and the
recommended changes to the Gold Card stood out as a particular concern to our veterans and their families.
“The Government is rejecting these recommendations and will not be implementing them. Eligibility for the
Veteran Gold Card will not change.
“I hope this announcement puts the minds of our veterans and their families at ease relating to this
important issue.”
The Productivity Commission recommended restricting future Gold Card eligibility to veterans with a severe
service-related impairment, effectively meaning no new grants of Gold Card for veterans’ dependants as well
as a number of other veteran cohorts who are currently entitled.
They also recommended there be no further extensions of eligibility for the Gold Card to new categories of
veterans, veterans’ dependants or civilians who are currently not eligible – effectively removing the ability
of Government to extend eligibility for the Gold Card in the future to anyone who is not already eligible.

Media Contact: Vanessa Juergens – 0428 238 652