Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP has welcomed Deputy Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Sussan Ley MP to Truro this week to meet with stakeholders and discuss the importance of Federal Government funding for the Truro Freight Route.


Mr Pasin and Ms Ley were joined by local State Member for Schubert Ashton Hurn MP, Federal Liberal Member for Sturt James Stevens MP and stakeholders from Truro, the Riverland and Adelaide who are all advocating for the Freight Route to be built.


Almost 200 days after the Albanese Labor Government announced its 90 Day infrastructure review, the $202 million Truro Freight Route was one of five key South Australian infrastructure projects to be scrapped by the Albanese Labor Government last month.


The Truro Freight Route forms a key part of the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass and the broader South Australian High Productivity Vehicle Network for which the South Australian State Government is currently a developing a Strategic Business Case.


“The Truro Freight Route is key to maximising the efficiency of South Australia’s regional and intrastate freight network and the interstate supply chain, as well as getting heavy vehicles out of the Main Street of Truro and off suburban roads in Adelaide for the safety of communities” Mr Pasin said.


“I invited Sussan to Truro to see first-hand and hear directly from a range in interested parties about the project’s importance. As the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, for Sussan to have a deeper understanding of the project will put it front of mind when developing election priorities and assist in putting pressure on the current Government to reverse their bad decision regarding the Federal funding for Truro Freight Route,” Mr Pasin said.


Speaking at a press conference held in Truro yesterday, the Deputy Leader said as a former Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese should be ashamed of himself for scrapping such an important infrastructure project.


“I challenge the Prime Minister to come and stand here on this road to look at this community and what they have to put up with; the trucks getting more frequent every day, the families who say their children are have to cross this dangerous road after school and then to know that we had $202 million on the table for this project, ready to kick off the Greater Adelaide freight route. It’s quite astonishing that a former Transport Minister could cancel the funding allocated to this project. The freight is vital and so are the communities that live along these freight routes,” Ms Ley said.




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