Member for Barker Tony Pasin said one of the special privileges he has as a Federal Member of Parliament is to attend Anzac Day services across the electorate.

“To support local Anzac Day services, and to promote a better understanding of the significance of Anzac Day, I distribute annually across the electorate an Anzac Day brochure.”

“My annual Anzac Day brochure will land in letterboxes across Barker this week and includes a full list of local services that I encourage people to attend.”

“As there is a strong cultural cross over between the Murraylands and Riverland, residents in the Riverland will receive both the Murraylands and Riverland brochures in their mailboxes this year.”

“I encourage you to honour the service and sacrifice of Australian Defence Force personnel past and present by attending an Anzac Day service in your local community.” Mr Pasin said.

Mr Pasin has also officially begun his annual Anzac Day “Bundy Run” across the electorate.

“I always look forward to my annual Bundy Run, where I visit RSLs all over the electorate delivering a bottle on Bundy Rum for members to enjoy on Anzac Day.”

“It’s a small gesture of appreciation for the service they gave to our nation.” Mr Pasin said.

“Whilst I can’t be at every Anzac Day service across Barker this small gift is intended to ensure diggers right across Barker can at least have a drink on me Anzac morning.” Mr Pasin said.