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The Sturt Highway is the major road freight corridor connection between South Australia and New South Wales and the demand to cater for larger freight vehicles is only increasing.

While we need duplication of this highway in the long term, the Sturt Highway at Truro is currently causing a bottleneck. Approximately 4,000 vehicles travel through the town of Truro per day, of which 30 per cent are heavy commercial vehicles, including an average of approximately 600 B-Doubles and road trains per day.

The Coalition Government $202 million committed to fund the design and construction of a bypass at Truro to divert heavy traffic along the Sturt Highway out of Truro’s main street, improving safety and amenity, as well as freight efficiency.

Truro Freight Route Projects

Until recently, questions were being asked as to why this project was delayed, given that construction was scheduled to begin in December 2022. It is also disappointing that the new section of road is not to be constructed as a dual lane highway.

The Federal Government’s infrastructure review means that at best this project is now delayed until early 2024, at worst it will be scrapped altogether.

By signing this petition, I’m calling on the State and Federal Government’s to commit to building the Truro Freight Route project!

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