Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says it defies belief that the Albanese Government used their numbers to vote down a Coalition private members Bill aimed at protecting children online.


The Bill was introduced into the House of Representatives by the Coaliton following a recommendation from the eSafety Commissioner and a major report to Government, Roadmap for Age Verification.


Child safety experts are becoming increasingly concerned about how extreme, offensive and denigrating images can normalise unacceptable behaviour, particularly in relation to women and girls.


The Bill proposed a trial to examine the use of technology that would identify a child’s age and prevent them from being exposed to inappropriate online content that could be harmful. Technology companies would be required to take specific steps to identify under-aged users and stop children from accessing dangerous material such as pornography.


“There is nothing more important than the online safety of children. This is one of the defining issues of our era. Every single parent I speak to in Barker worries about this. It is an immensely significant issue,” Mr Pasin said.


Labor and the Greens joined forces to defeat the Coalition Bill in Parliament this week. 


“What the Minister has done in opposing the trial defies all explanations.  She’s left it up to the porn industry to work with the Government on an alternative plan,” Mr Pasin said.


Labor’s decision to oppose the trial was criticised by more than 45 top child and women’s safety leaders who wrote to the Prime Minister and Minister in support of age verification.


“The Coalition will continue fighting for the trial because it’s the right thing to do. We want to help parents to protect their kids from the damaging impacts of the content appearing online,” Mr Pasin said.

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