Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says the Green Triangle is primed to play a key role in fixing the housing crisis under the Coalition’s housing policy announced last week.

Mr Pasin voiced his disappointment with Labor’s third Federal Budget as it offered no relief to the housing supply problem.

“Since Labor came to Government two years ago, we have seen record levels of migration and the construction of new homes in free fall, with overseas arrivals running at four times the rate of new home builds,” Mr Pasin said.

“Australians are paying an extra $2,000 per month on an average mortgage, national median rents have increased by 21 per cent to $620 per week, and lending for the purchase or construction of new homes remains at a 20-year low,” Mr Pasin said.

“Despite so many Australians reaching crisis point to get or keep a roof over their head, Labor’s budget has failed to address the issue. No new money, no new ideas, no new homes, nothing for first home buyers – just the same Labor housing crisis.”

“The Albanese Government has dragged its heels for two years on addressing the housing crisis and many Australians are at breaking point,” Mr Pasin said.

“At the same time, Labor is also failing at skilling the Australian’s needed to build new homes,” Mr Pasin said.

There are over 50,000 less apprentices and trainees in-training today than when Labor took office. Commencements have dropped by 40 per cent, with 110,000 less Australians enrolling in a new qualification, taking up a trade or a training course.

Mr Pasin said the housing crisis was now evident at timber mills as domestic timber sales fall.

Data from the Australian Forest Products Association and Master Builders Australia shows domestic timber sales have fallen by more than 500,000 cubic metres from its peak under the former Coalition Government.

“We have a timber industry ready and willing to meet demand for timber required to increase housing supply, yet I’m seeing structural timber stacking up because of Labor’s failure to address the housing crisis and incentivise new home builds,” Mr Pasin said.

“In the middle of a cost of living crisis it will be only a matter of time before those working in the timber industry feel even more pain in the form of reduced hours as processing is slowed,” Mr Pasin said.

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